【Free Mix】Skankin’ Sweet Promotion MIX Vol.4 / DJ HIRO

Skankin’ Sweet Promotion MIX Vol.4

広島のA-GITで偶数月の第1土曜日に開催されているレギュラーダンス “Skankin’ Sweet” のPromotion MIXをSoundCloudにUP!! 今でもダンスでかかる鉄板の80s Reggae & DancehallをDJ HIROがMIX!! 夏に向けてVIBESを上げていきましょう!! Bless Up!!

[Track List]

1.I Know The Score / Frankie Paul
2.End Of The Road / Sanchez
3.My Love / Thriller U
4.It’s Magic/ Dennis Brown
5.Wildfire / Dennis Brown & John holt
6.If I Were A Carpenter / John Holt
7.Kissing In The Moonlight / Frankie Paul
8.Hold Me / Pinchers
9.Bandolero / Pinchers
10.Don Is Don / Pinchers
11.Big Belly Man / Admiral Bailey
12.Synthesizer Voice / Pampidoo
13.Bam Bam / Tiger 
14.Jump Up / Admiral Bailey
15.Come Again / Cocoa Tea
16.Right Track / Johnny Osbourne
17.Get Up Stand Up & Rock / Shabba Ranks
18.Greatest Gal Lover / Anthony Malvo & Daddy Lizard
19.Take You To The Dance / Anthony Malvo & Daddy Lizard
20.Come Back To Me / Anthony Malvo & Tiger
22.Rule In The DanceHall Style / Midnight Riders
23.Love Mi Girl Bad / Sanchez & Flourgon
24.Punnany / Admiral Bailey
25.Bike Back / Johnny P
26.Bounce / Flourgon
27.Duck Dance / Red Dragon
28.Bad Bad Chaka / Chaka Demus
29.COME DOWN / Super Cat